Company Overview

MGB follows a clear mission

About us

MGB METRO Group Buying HK Limited (MGB), with its headquarters in Hong Kong, is a wholly owned subsidiary of the METRO GROUP. As a professional sourcing organization of the Group, it is responsible for the international procurement for the sales divisions of METRO.

MGB was established in 1976 and runs representative offices in China, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Turkey.


Our Mission

The pace of change is rapid and we realise the importance of meeting and exceeding our Customers’ expectations for comprehensive services.  Every plan we make and every action we implement is driven by the desire for quality and is focused on the following values for our Customers:

  • Unbeatable Products
  • Excellent Service
  • Simple Processes


Direct Imports as a Success Factor

With direct imports, better prices are achieved through buying directly at source and the scaling effect with higher qualities and services.  Incomparable products and concentration on demands of the Customers, are developed in our own brand with the close collaboration with suppliers.  Our rigorous quality control is established with actual testing of imported products and high quality minimum requirements.  By utilizing all potentials inherent in the procurement processes, coordination with the Customers and the transparency of costs and benefits, MGB succeeds in enhancing the overall import efficiency for its Customers.